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Window security film protects your home from burglary and intruders. The 3m safety and security window film hold the window glass together in case of breakage, preventing would-be thieves from entering your home through broken windows. Security film filters out UV rays, blocking 99% of harmful UV rays while still letting in natural light. The film adds an extra layer of insulation to keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This added layer of protection can reduce energy costs as well. What are the different types of security films available?

Safety and Security Window Film

Security window film helps protect your windows from potential break-ins or vandalism by holding the glass together if a window becomes damaged. For example, during harsh winter storms, hail and debris can shatter unprotected glass, leading to dangerous glass shards harming your family. Security film prevents the window from shattering into pieces. Additionally, your family will be safe from dangerous UV rays. The 3m safety and security window film blocks harmful UV rays while deterring glare and reducing heat for added protection. 

Installing security window film provides immense benefits, such as preventing flying shards of glass, enhancing privacy, blocking UV rays, reducing energy costs and creating an additional layer of defence against home invasions. It can also help discourage break-ins by signalling any thief that accessing your building is not easy.

Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window film reduces energy costs and protects furniture. The film absorbs direct sunrays and controls air conditioning costs during the hot summers. It is an effective way to help keep a home or office cooler in the warm summer months without sacrificing visibility. 

Night Vision One-Way Privacy Window Film

This type of security window film features superior one-way vision properties so occupants can view an outdoor view clearly from inside during the day but restricts any outsiders from seeing directly into the space at night time. The privacy film has a tinted reflective surface looking outwards towards visitors approaching its perimeter walls. Its unique UV rejection qualities retain strong heat rejection capabilities during the peak summer heat.

Heat Rejection Security Window Film

Heat rejection security window film works by reflecting incoming sunlight toward its source whilst rejecting over 60% of intense infrared spectrums. The film acts like sunscreen for your premises and reduces interior cooling costs. This film blocks unwanted solar heat normally penetrating through standard-quality clear transparent glass.

Professional Security Window Film Installation

With professional window film installation, keep your home safe from burglars and intruders. Security window film is designed to create a strong extra barrier, making every door and window in your residence harder to break into. Professional security window film installations by an experienced contractor provide peace of mind in knowing that extra steps were taken to improve the security of your home or business

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