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At Window Armour, we are focused on helping our clients to ensure their properties are as safe as possible. Parents with young children are especially concerned about the safety issues regarding large panes of glass in the home and with our high quality safety window films, it is possible to minimise the chances of accidental impacts resulting in serious injury. There are many different types of protective films available in Toronto but only ours was developed to protect against injuries caused by flying glass as a result of explosions. The likelihood of a terrorist bomb being detonated in your neighbourhood may be negligible but the strength in our films that provides protection against such an event will also ensure that the impact of a ball kicked with force or a running child colliding with a window will not result in thousands of shards of lethally sharp glass flying through the air.

What Our Safety Window Films Can Do

Our films are designed to protect your windows from many different types of impact. Whether you are worried about natural forces or over exuberant children, you can rest easy once we have applied a protective layer of film to all the vulnerable windows in your home.

Forces of Nature – Gale and hurricane force winds, freak tornadoes, unexpected earthquakes and other natural catastrophes: our safety window films will provide a high level of protection against everything that nature may have in store for you and your home.

Blast Protection– Although terrorism may be a remote possibility, other types of explosions, such as those caused by industrial accidents and major traffic collisions, are a threat in some areas. If you have a shop or residential property that is in close proximity to major roads or industrial developments, our high quality films are strong enough to prevent your windows shattering into thousands of pieces in the event of an explosion.

Accidental Collision – Our 12-MIL thick film is designed to protect against extreme forces, such as those listed above. For this reason, it is perfect for families with young children who want to ensure their children’s safety. Ordinary glass may well shatter if a child were to run full tilt into it and even strengthened panes may not always withstand such an impact. However, with our superb quality safety window films, the likelihood of your glass shattering completely in the event of this type of accident is extremely remote.

Manufacturing Faults – Occasionally, tempered safety glass that is manufactured to provide a high level of protection against accidental impacts can have inherent faults that lead to spontaneous breakages. By applying our safety window films, you can make sure that such breakages are a minor inconvenience rather than a major disaster. Safety glass is usually very heavy and ca

Intruders – An essential part of keeping your family safe is ensuring that potential intruders are unable to gain entry by force. Installing our safety window films in your home or shop will create a very strong barrier that makes it much harder for criminals to smash their way into your property.

Protecting Your Home from the Sun

Whether you live in central Toronto or the surrounding area, we would be delighted to help you protect yourself and your family from the dangers of breaking glass. In the first instance, you can get in touch with us by phone or by using the contact form on our site. Our prices are always highly competitive, our products are the best available and our customer service is unrivalled anywhere in the world.


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