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There are a number of ways that burglars can break into a person’s house. The ultimate goal for any burglar, however, is a method that’s easy. One of the easiest ways to get into a house is by breaking the glass in a window beside the front door. The glass panels are small and don’t put up much of a fight. From there, a burglar can simply reach in and unlock the front door. How do you prevent this from happening? Let’s see how you can reinforce the glass beside your front door to prevent burglary.

Reinforce the Glass

To keep burglars from making easy work of robbing your home, it’s time you reinforce the glass window beside your front door. How does one go about doing that? Because of Window Armour, the answer is simple: install window film.

What is Window Film?

Window film is a product with a very simple purpose. It keeps glass from becoming a point of entry. Window film is a film that coats any glass pane, including the window beside your front door. This coating of window film strengthens glass, making it nearly impossible to break through. And, of course, that’s the ideal state for any window. In the case that brute force does manage to break a window coated in window film, the film will hold it together in one piece. This makes the simple trick of breaking the side window and unlocking the front door impossible. With no point of entry in the side window, your doors remain solidly locked and the would-be-burglar will flee the scene. That’s because almost all burglars won’t stick around longer than ten seconds trying to get into a house. The chance of them getting caught is simply too high. This is doubly true when they’ve made a lot of noise trying to break a window.

Safe and Secure

While one of window film’s primary purposes is to provide security to homeowners, it also provides safety. It does so in a number of ways.

  • Keeping broken glass in one piece allows for easy replacement without anyone having to scoop up broken glass from the floor. That means less likelihood for anyone to cut themselves during or after the cleanup process.
  • Keeping windows from breaking or allowing holes keeps homeowners safe from potential dangers during a break-in. No intruder will be able to hurt you or your family if they can’t even get inside the house.
  • Giving windows added strength keeps other accidents from happening as well. Stray baseballs or heavy objects being moved around inside the house will no longer pose the threat they used to. Keeping windows from breaking during accidents is a safety boost for everyone.

If you’re interested in the protective properties of window film, give us a call at Window Armour. We look forward to helping you reinforce the glass beside your door.

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