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Stop thieves in their tracks. With window security film installation, avoid dangerous home invasions and break-ins. Did you know that your windows are the weakest point of entry into your home? Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. A burglar walks by your home or business and sees an opportunity. Even with a security alarm in place, your establishment is vulnerable. In minutes, they have broken in, doing countless damage to property and endangering anyone nearby. With security film, you provide an affordable extra layer of security. What are the benefits of security film? 

Shatter-Proof Windows 

Security film prevents your window from shattering during a break-in or natural event. In fact, did you know that the highest quality film withstands up to 400 pounds of impact! When a thief tries to break the window, the film holds the glass together. Our security film provides you with those precious minutes you need to prevent a home invasion, escape to safety, and call the authorities. Prevent property damage from shattered glass and injury. Protect your home or business with our superior window security film installation.  

The film is tear-resistant. Burglars have difficulty penetrating through the film, making burglary nearly impossible. Often, they will just move on and search for more vulnerable targets. Criminals don’t like to spend extra time breaking into a building. They don’t want to be spotted or caught. Window film prevents easy break-ins and dangerous home invasions. Trust us. Strengthen your glass affordably. Protect your property and family. Add that extra layer of security that you need.  

Safety During Dangerous Weather 

Another added benefit to window film – protection from flying debris during dangerous storms. A flying rock or branch during a windy storm can not only break your window but cause dangerous shards to fly into your home. This can lead to serious injury and property damage. Protect your home with our Window Armour film. Whether you have to deal with hail, windy storms, or a snowstorm, our superior products provide that much-needed extra protection to keep your home safe.  

UV Protection 

Finally, when you install window film, ask about premium Ultraviolet Protection. Many products include protection from the sun’s UV rays. UV rays can damage property, photos, and artwork. Additionally, sun damage to the skin can lead to cancer and other health issues. The additional protection also helps with keeping the business or home a little cooler during sunny weather.  

Protect Your Home or Business Today 

Don’t wait. With summer around the corner, opportunities for break-ins increase considerably. Take the time to meet with our Window Armour team. We will sit down with you in a consultation and discuss which security options work best for your home or business. No matter your budget or location, we can help you. Our professional team prides itself on superior installation skills and efficiency. We stand behind our products. Contact us today. We will be happy to speak with you. 

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