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Adding our high-quality Window Armour security film will help protect your home from home invasions and burglary. Our window security film installation guarantees that you will have the safety and security you deserve for your family. Don’t worry about thieves breaking into your home. With this affordable and practical solution, you can protect your vulnerable windows from breaking.  

Does Security Film Protect Windows from Shattering?  

Absolutely. How does window security film work? With a typical glass window, anything from a crowbar to a flying branch during a storm can crash through the glass. Shards fly everywhere, damaging property and creating a danger for your family. Additionally, during a storm, a shattered window lets in all the elements, leaving your home or business exposed to water damage, debris, and more. Our window security film installation involves placing a thin durable film over your windows that keeps the glass from shattering.  

Think of the film much like bread slices holding in sandwich fillings. On impact, instead of tiny and large pieces of glass flying into your home, instead, the film holds them in place. In this day and age of large storms and high winds, you want that extra protection.  

How Does Film Protect from Break-Ins?  

Not only will the security film protect your property from flying glass, it also deters burglars. Many crimes are crimes of convenience. Your windows are the most vulnerable point of entry into your home. A thief might see an opportunity and attempt to break into your home through a back window. However, the glass holds when he strikes the glass. Instead of giving him a quick chance to run in and steal or damage property, it deters him from continuing. In fact, our sturdiest films can withstand up to 400 pounds of direct force. That’s a lot of work for a busy burglar.  

The film buys your family precious time if a home invasion occurs. Because the criminal cannot enter the home quickly you have extra minutes to either get away or call the authorities during a break-in. You and your family deserve protection. While film does not make your window bulletproof, it does provide considerable protection for your home.  

An Affordable Option for Every Family or Business 

One of the biggest advantages of window film is that it provides high security at an affordable price. When compared to the cost of upgrading all your windows to stronger glass, window security film is an affordable and excellent choice. Our team at Window Armour will install your window film professionally, guaranteeing that you have extra protection. We have several options and will help you find the right choice for you.  

Ultraviolet Protection 

Besides protecting your home from shattered glass and crime, window film provides excellent ultraviolet protection for your property. Reduce harmful sun rays. Experience less sun damage to photos, art, and furniture. Additionally, save on cooling costs during the summer.  

Contact Window Armour today about installing a security window film this summer. Our talented team will be happy to help you. Call us now. 

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