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The Toronto Star recently reported home invasions in Toronto have risen from 8 in early 2023 to 31 so far in 2024, with residential break-ins and Toronto crime activity was also up from 339 to 466 over the same period. As Inspector Paul Rinkoff explains, “Most break-and-enters to homes actually occur during the day…Kids are at school, parents are at work, and homes are generally vacant”.

Preventing Break-Ins

Toronto Star reporter Manual Vega recommends several strategies to prevent break-ins, including using “window locks, indoor lights on a timer, deadlocks or double door locks and external lights on a sensor” which can “reduce the chance of having your home robbed by almost 50 times”. Other tips are installing security cameras, solid doors with deadbolts, securing sliding glass doors, and putting tools in garages and sheds instead of leaving them outside.  Installing security window film also helps curb Toronto crime activity.

What to Do During a Home Invasion

If confronted during a home invasion, Inspector Rinkoff advises to “exit the home safely if possible, or remain in the safest place in your home possible, and call 9-1-1” (Vega). He says to comply if demanded to turn over valuables, and to take mental notes on the intruder’s description (Vega). Do not touch anything afterwards so police can collect evidence (Vega).

According to defense lawyer Alexander Karapancev, also known as Vega, Canadian self-defense laws are quite strict. He explains that, “Canadian self-defense laws generally only allow deadly force if one’s life is threatened and there are no other options.” This means that individuals must be able to prove that their life was in immediate danger and they had no other means of protecting themselves.

Furthermore, what is considered “reasonable force” in self-defense cases is contextual. Factors such as whether the intruder was armed and the nature of the threat are taken into account. Vega emphasizes that, “What is considered ‘reasonable force’ can be a difficult question to answer, as it depends on many factors.” As such, it is important for individuals to understand their rights and legal limitations when it comes to self-defense.

Security Window Film to Prevent Break-Ins 

Given the rise in home invasions and break-ins targeting occupied houses in Toronto, homeowners should take preventative measures like installing security window film. As Inspector Rinkoff explains, this type of film can “prevent someone from breaking through the glass to enter” (Vega). Securing windows, which are often easy entry points, is an important part of making a home invasion more difficult. 

The safety and peace of mind provided by window film is especially critical during times when criminals are showing “less concern…as to whether there are people home or not” (Vega). Contact Window Armour today to protect your family. We want you to be safe.

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