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Keep intruders away with security window film! This guide explains how this product protects your home against break-ins and more. Home invasions can be terrifying, and your windows are a common entry point for burglars. In Toronto alone, 48% of all break-ins happen in residential homes. To prevent break-ins, installing security window film on your windows will add an extra layer of protection. This innovative product dramatically decreases the chances of a successful home invasion.

Which Window Film Will Protect My Home Best?

Home invasions in Toronto are rising, with over 5000 break-ins each year, with numbers getting even higher during the summer. Every day we hear about criminals harming families and breaking into homes. Are you ready to protect your family? Installing security window film will minimize the risk of home invasion by at least fifty percent. What options are best for your house? There are several options available when choosing window film to protect your home. 

  • Safety and security films hold shattered glass together and make it more difficult for a home invader to break through
  • Blackout films block outside visibility for added privacy
  • Solar control films reduce energy costs by blocking heat and excess light
  • Decorative films provide added privacy without sacrificing aesthetics 
  • Neutral window film offers basic protection from UV rays
  • High-end thick security film has strongest impact resistance
  • Duel-reflective film prevents anyone from looking into your home during the daytime
  • Spectrally selective film rejects UV solar waves and reduces glare

No matter what type you choose, security window film provides reliable protection against home intrusions. With 125,000+ break-ins in Canada each year, you can’t afford to skip securing your home with window film. Thick, high-quality window film can reduce the chance of break-ins by up to fifty percent. Professional installation is vital to providing the highest level of protection.

Don’t Worry About Home Invasions with Security Window Film

With high-quality security window film, homeowners don’t need to worry about the smash of a crowbar or flying debris during winter storms. The thickest professional window film will withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure! Protect vulnerable doors and windows from home invasions. From a practical and aesthetic standpoint, security window film provides an easy and cost-effective solution for reducing the risks of burglars entering your home. 

When installed correctly by professionals, expect protection for many years before needing replacement. Security window film also comes in various colours, textures, and finishes.  Choose something that complements the design of your home while providing peace of mind. Rest assured, knowing you’re making your home safer and more secure against intrusions.

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