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It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – a criminal successfully breaks in leading to property damage and physical harm. Did you know over half of all break-ins involve your windows? Your windows remain the most vulnerable point of entry into your home. Spacious picture windows, glass doors, and old windows create an unsafe opportunity for criminals to attack you and your family. Protect your family with professional security film installation. How do shatterproof windows work?

How Window Film Protects Your Home

Older windows can’t withstand big impacts. Over time the materials weaken, leaving your home or business unprotected if an intruder tries to break in. And for homes or businesses at major busy intersections or near industrial areas, the chances of accidental impact damaging your windows grows exponentially. You need that extra protection. How does security film installation prevent window shatter?

The strong window film adheres to the glass creating an extra impenetrable layer. When impact occurs, the film keeps the window intact. In fact, our strongest 12MIL film can withstand explosions and high impacts during storms and inclement weather. You don’t need to worry about dangerous glass shards flying into the building creating immeasurable damage and physical harm. In fact, one of the biggest dangers of break-ins comes from broken glass. The broken glass can cause injury hours after the crime occurred. Protect your home and keep your family safe. Don’t let intruders smash into your property. 

Extra Protection During Bad Weather

We have all seen how violent weather has dramatically increased in recent years. Tornadoes, high winds, hail, and debris can all cause incredible damage. Fortunately, with window film, when debris strikes a glass door or window, the impact does not shatter the glass. Prevent water damage from entering your home, too. With our blast protection and thick window film, a weather disaster can become just a minor inconvenience. 

Accidental Injury Prevented

Do you have small children who run around your home? Is your business in a high-traffic area? Prevent injury during accidents. Rambunctious children often run right into large glass windows and doors. Shattered glass can cause them to go to the hospital for serious injury. If you have a busy street, a car accident or even a rollerblader can end up crashing through your window. Make your glass shatterproof and avoid injury and liability. 

Call Window Armour today. When you want the best protection for your home or business, you can trust us to deliver. Our proprietary window film protects your home or business. We work with countless clients in the GTA area. We know that your home or shop is important to you. You want to protect it the best that you can. Add that extra level of security with our Window Armour film. Call us today for your consultation. We would be happy to meet with you and find the perfect security solution. 

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