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In these troublesome times, protecting your family and home is the most important priority. How can you affordably protect your family from break-ins, storm damage, and accidents? Believe it or not, the best security film for windows provides you with the much-needed protection you need for your family for an affordable price.  

Shatterproof Windows During Stormy Weather 

With the weather changing drastically from year to year, big storms can cause incredible damage. A tree branch crashing through a window can cause incredible damage to both your family and property. Our best security films for windows protect your loved ones by preventing glass shards from flying into your home during destructive weather activities.  

The film holds the shattered glass in place, much like a car windshield. What this means is that when your window is struck during a storm, the pieces will not fly into your home. Instead, they will stay in place. This means less mess and damage. Additionally, no worries about your family being struck by flying glass.  

Prevent Break-Ins 

Windows remain the weakest point of entry in your home. Many criminals will case a home well before a break-in, taking advantage of weak glass and hidden corners. Stop criminals in their tracks with window film. How? The film makes your windows difficult to break. The extra time buys you life-saving moments to be alerted to intruders and contact the authorities. Additionally, when you request tinted film, you can provide extra privacy for your home. Any protective measure that delays criminal entry benefits you. Gain valuable extra minutes to turn on security lights, call for help, or deter the criminal altogether. Stop any forced entry into your home.  

UV Protection for Your Home 

Security film can have ultraviolet protection. By preventing harmful UV rays, protect furniture and valuables. Prolong the life of any of your precious valuables, paintings, and photos. Ask about our professional installation and incredible benefits against sun damage.  

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With over fifteen years of providing security and safety for Toronto families, we promise to provide you with the highest quality window film. Our products withstand the most serious weather conditions. We promise to make your home as safe as possible. Contact us today for your initial consultation. We will be happy to help you.

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