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When you need to protect your home or business, feel confident with Window Armour safety film. Your windows often are the most vulnerable point of entry. Burglars easily break unprotected glass or commit crimes of opportunity when they easily see inside your business. Tinted security window film and thick safety film provide the best window protection. Additionally, protect your family and property from large blasts, dangerously high winds, and accidents when you install our security film.  

How Does Window Armour Film Work?  

Can an affordable film really protect you? Overwhelmingly yes! When you have our professional team install high-quality tinted security window film in your home or business, you can feel confident that you have the highest security. The thick film keeps glass from shattering from high impacts like collisions, break-ins, or accidents. In fact, our thickest film can withstand an impact of about 180 kilograms. That provides incredible protection for your family, property, or customers.  

Prevent Injuries During Storms 

Hurricanes, high winds, hail, and even blizzards can create dangerous conditions. Debris and branches quickly shatter glass. Shards flying into your home can create life-threatening injuries. A broken window can allow rain inside, destroying your property. Our security film prevents glass from shattering. You won’t have to worry about large pieces of glass flying at high speeds causing damage or injury. Feel safe during high winds and dangerous storms.  

Blasts and Car Accidents 

Is your business near a busy street or construction site? Believe it or not, damage from accidents happens much more often than you would think. In fact, damage from a car crashing into your building, stray debris from a construction blast, or other unforeseen incidents can cause incredible damage.  Thankfully a high-quality security film will prevent glass from shattering and significantly minimize damage and injury. Concerned about strong blasts? Ask our team about the most secure options that meet your unique needs. 

Additional Benefits 

Besides protecting your family, property, or business from crime and accidents, our film also provides the best ultraviolet protection. Prevent sun damage to precious artwork and photos. Keep the sun out of your home. Protect your family from constant sun exposure. Request our tinted option for additional privacy and security. Enjoy exceptional clarity and a tough protective surface.  

Finally, maintenance is easy. In fact, the safety film can withstand graffiti and many types of vandalism. The film is ideal for public places, businesses, and even transportation stops. In high traffic areas having an additional layer of protection can save you a lot of hassle and headaches. Just clean as you would any other window. It’s that simple. 

Enjoy a safe and cost-effective option for the ultimate security and protection. Consider the benefits of Window Armour security films. Prevent crime and injury by protecting your windows. We proudly offer the best products in the region. Our talented team has years of experience. We will be happy to help you find the right option for your home. Have our professionals install your window film. Contact us today.  

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