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Your windows provide easy access to your home and family. Not protecting weak access points like windows can be a very big mistake. But you don’t want to brick up every window or install unsightly iron bars. Is there a security option that leaves your home welcome and attractive? Window Armour provides the perfect affordable option with our safety window film. Since the windows are the weakest part of any home, fortifying them prevents a number of real threats like break-ins, home invasions, accidents, and high winds. How do they work? 

Prevent Opportunistic Crime 

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. An unsecured window or weak door can give a thief the perfect chance to break into your home. When you install a safety window film, you buy your family precious moments to call authorities or escape the home. A thick film of eight to fourteen millimetres resists break-ins and impacts of up to 180 kilograms. Because the film prevents your window from shattering quickly, burglars have a much more difficult time breaking in. The more difficult it is for a criminal to break into your home, the safer your family will be.  

How Does the Film Work?  

Our security film consists of layers of polyester film. Installing high-quality thick film between eight and fourteen millimetres thick provides the most protection. The thicker the film, the more shatter-proof the window. The multiple layers keep the glass from shattering due to break-ins, inclement weather, or accidents. Avoid shards of glass from flying into your home or business. Prevent criminals from breaking into your home. For homes and businesses on a busy street or near construction, the film can prevent dangerous injury from unanticipated car crashes or construction incidents. Security film strengthens your windows substantially. You will notice the difference.  


Always have experienced professionals like our Window Armour team install your film to maximize safety. In most cases, professionals will retrofit older windows with the new film. The team cuts the film exactly to fit the windows. They apply the film and prevent air bubbles and creases. The process can be tedious. A properly installed film provides the most protection.  

There are a few different installation methods like the daylight method, the wet method, and the mechanical method. Each provides its own benefits and challenges. The daylight method involves the simplest installation but does not always afford the most protection. With the mechanical method, the installers customize the film to the frame, attaching it with metal battens. The wet method uses a sealant. For homeowners wanting to prevent home invasion, a properly installed film using the wet method provides the most security.  

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When you want to protect your family and property from crime, contact the experts at Window Armour. We are ready to provide you with the safety and security you need. Window Armour provides the highest quality window safety films in the region. When you need to protect your home, you can trust Window Armour. Contact us today. We will be happy to help you secure your home. 

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