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Are you tired of your electric bill skyrocketing as soon as the temperature starts to drop? Window Armour has a fantastic solution for keeping your electric bill stable year round. Let’s check out how Window Armour can help you save money on heating this winter.

What is Window Film?

Window Armour’s star product is window film. What is window film? Simple. It’s a film that coats your windows. But what does it do? Lots of things.

  • It strengthens glass. It’s the leading window protection product available on the market. This simple film can keep even the most proficient burglar from breaking in through your windows.
  • It holds glass together. If the extra strength window film adds to your windows isn’t enough, never fear. Window film also hold glass together which means a broken window isn’t necessarily an access point. Trying to make a hole in window film is incredibly difficult.
  • But, in regard to your electric bill, the most important feature of window film is that it insulates. When your windows are coated in window film, the hot air your heater puts into your home will remain where it belongs, helping you save money on heating.

How Does It Insulate?

When the temperature drops, it takes more effort from your heating system to keep the temperature stable in your home. That’s because the warm air in your home starts to leak out of windows and doors where there’s no insulation. Every bit of warm air that escapes through uninsulated windows has to be replaced with more warm air by your heater. That uses up electricity. When you coat your windows with window film, it keeps hot air from leaking out as fast. That means your heater has to labor a lot less and it uses up less electricity.

Year Round Insulation

The cool thing about window film insulating your windows is that the insulation isn’t just effective in winter. Having your windows insulated also provides protection during summer. When the summer months come around and the temperature rises, heat from outside starts to leak in and the exact opposite problem happens. Your air conditioner struggles to keep the air cool enough. If you’re not lucky enough to have an air conditioning unit, you’re forced to combat the heat with fans. With your windows protected and insulated with window film, less heat will be able to leak in through the windows. That means summer days in your home will be cooler than ever with less work from fans and AC. Less work from fans and AC means you save money. If you want to save money on heating by installing window film, contact us at Window Armour! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our products.

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