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Protect your business from crime and weather damage with our custom security window films. Learn how to secure your windows in an affordable and secure way. Our windows films reduce break-ins and add a much-needed layer of security.  

The Ultimate Crime Deterrent 

Crimes often happen due to opportunity. While in some cases a criminal may case a business for a period of time, in actuality most crimes are crimes of opportunity. And windows provide the weakest point of entry into your business. How to secure your windows from thieves.  

Simple. Don’t give them the opportunity. Our high-quality security films protect against break-ins:  

  • Security films withstand severe force 
  • Add an extra layer of protection 
  • Have that precious extra time to help you and your customers escape 
  • Prevent any forced entry 
  • Avoid damage due to shattered glass 
  • Give you time to call authorities 
  • Control visibility 

By significantly reducing the ability of a criminal to bash your window open and escape with valuable merchandise and cash, you protect your business and even lives.  

Don’t Worry About Weather 

With the rapidly changing climate, harsh storms and violent weather can lead to a variety of accidents. Protect your business by installing our high-grade professional window films. When high winds hurl branches, rocks, and debris at your store, don’t worry about damage. The film will prevent dangerous damage from shattered glass. Your windows will stay intact in many cases, protecting your business from crime. Additionally, during inclement weather, reduce expensive insurance claims by protecting your workers and clients from freak weather accidents. 

Prevent Ultraviolent Damage 

Does your business deal with items affected by harmful ultraviolet rays? Are you concerned about sun exposure over time? Our Window Armour security films block over ninety-nine percent of all UV rays. This means that items like paintings, clothing, furniture, and photography will not be damaged by the sun’s rays. Additionally, protect yourself and workers with this protective film. Enjoy a reduction in your insurance premiums, too. 

Create a Welcoming but Secure Environment 

When clients and customers visit your business, you want them to feel welcome and safe. While some options like window bars may seem more protective, you also want to avoid making your business seem foreboding and even dangerous. Security films give you that extra protection while still providing a welcoming environment for workers and clients. Enjoy privacy and security unlike any other.  

Contact Window Armour today and discover the many ways you can protect your business from crime and weather damage. We provide professional high-quality installation. Enjoy our friendly customer service. 

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