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As summer approaches in Toronto, families should be on heightened alert. The warm weather brings an unfortunate spike in criminal activity across the city. With school out and more people out and about, there is an increase in property crimes like burglaries and home invasions. Your home may be more vulnerable than you think during these dangerous months. Security film for glass provides an affordable deterrent to home invasions and crime. 

The Rise in Break-Ins

The rise in summertime crime is a harsh reality. According to Toronto Police data, there is a consistent seasonal trend, with break-ins and robberies peaking in July and August. In 2022, there was a staggering 27% increase in residential break-and-enters from winter to summer. Thieves take advantage of doors and windows being left open due to the heat. They strike when you least expect it – while you’re in the backyard grilling or away at work. It’s time to invest in security film for glass.

Window Vulnerability

One of the most susceptible entry points is your windows. Standard window glass provides essentially zero security. A burglar can easily smash through with a hammer or brick and gain access to your home in seconds. This terrifying situation puts your loved ones and belongings in harm’s way.

Security Window Film Solution

So, how can you fortify your home’s defenses against would-be intruders? Installing security window film is an affordable solution that adds a tough protective layer. This multi-layered glazing system is applied directly to your existing glass. It significantly increases the strength and shatter resistance of your windows.

With security film installed, your windows become extremely difficult to penetrate. Instead of shattering, the glass is held firmly in place in a tightly bonded layer. Breaking through requires extensive time and relentless battering that criminals simply won’t have the patience or motivation for. They will move on to an easier target, deterred by your home’s reinforced entry points.

Glass Hazard Protection

The protective benefits of security film extend beyond burglary deterrence. It also prevents injury by containing shards of broken glass in place. This is crucial if a window is broken due to severe weather, an accident, or an attempted break-in. Without security film, flying shards of glass can cause serious lacerations and bodily harm to those in their path. The film helps mitigate these dangers.

Affordable Protection

Installing security window film is a smart investment that delivers peace of mind. It is far less expensive than completely replacing your windows with reinforced glass or other security barriers. Professional installation can fortify your home quickly before the summer crime spike peaks.

Beat the Summer Crime Wave

When protecting your loved ones, you can never be too cautious. Let this summer be secure so your family can enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about vulnerability to criminals. Upgrade to security window film to deter home invaders and rest easier knowing your home is guarded against break-ins. A little prevention goes a long way in keeping your family sheltered from harm’s way. Contact Window Armour today.

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