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With winter just around the corner, it’s time we take some precautions to protect our homes and businesses from storms. It’s not uncommon at all for windows to get broken when the weather is bad enough. That’s why you should learn a little more about how to protect windows during storms. The good news is, there’s an easy solution with Window Armour. Let’s see how Window Armour can help you.

Window Strengthening

Window Armour offers a product aptly named window film. Our window film is for safety and security purposes. The benefits to safety film are many, but the relevant benefit is that it will protect windows during storms. How do it do that? Simple: it strengthens glass and makes it impact resistant. With your windows strengthened against impact, you can avoid window damage from a number of sources.

  • Tree branches that rest near windows will no longer pose a threat when the wind is blowing hard. A tree branch bumping your window won’t be nearly enough to break it with the help of window film.
  • Debris blown in the wind won’t do any damage. What once might have shattered a window upon impact will continue on its way – no harm done.
  • Hail blowing up against glass can be a recipe for disaster if your windows aren’t protected. However, windows coated in our strengthening safety film will be no worse for wear.

Damage Control

Window film is an incredible way to keep windows in one piece. However, nothing is perfect. With enough force, windows will break. When that happens, window film is built in damage control. Even a broken window won’t make a mess for you to clean up. Window film keeps fragments of a broken window in one place – stuck to it. That makes replacing a broken window easy as pie. Window film holding broken windows together even after a break is also a great way to keep your home safe. During a storm, a broken window can be a huge disaster. A big hole in the wall is an entry point for rain, debris, and a whole lot of old air. Because window film won’t budge even when a window breaks, you remain protected from the elements until the storm lets up. You can then have your window replaced with no interior damage to clean up.


Not only will window film keep your home safe from the weather in the event of a break, it will do the same even without a break. That’s because window film insulates your windows. The cold air of winter won’t make it past your windows half as much as it usually does. Because of that, window film is a great way to save money on winter heating even when it’s not storming. If you’re interested in installing window film to protect windows during storms or have questions about our products, give us a call. We at Window Armour are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you to protect windows during storms.

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