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Break-ins happen when you least expect them. During the summer months, opportunities for crime increase exponentially. Even with an alarm system, your home remains very vulnerable to home invasions and burglaries. In the last few years, there has been an uptick in violent crime. And your windows provide the perfect opportunity for thieves to violate your home. Don’t wait to add that extra layer of protection. Our professional window film installers pride themselves on leaving your home much safer with our superior window security film. Add that much-needed layer of protection. It’s affordable, it’s necessary. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.  

How Does Security Film Work?  

Unlike other unsightly security options like permanent iron bars, window film provides an attractive alternative for security. The film adheres to your glass, fortifying it considerably. Now if a thief tries to break in, they cannot shatter the window. When a burglar tries to break in, he’s discouraged immediately. Criminals like crimes of opportunity and vulnerable targets. Ready to protect your home? Our window film installers provide quick service and high-quality products to keep you safe.  

Buy Precious Time 

Most break-ins take only a couple of minutes. A burglar sees a vulnerable home and uses a crowbar to quickly shatter glass to enter the home. High-end window film requires over 400 pounds of force to break. 400 pounds! That means that any criminal will need to spend considerable time trying to get into your house. Meanwhile, you have precious moments to run to safety and call authorities. IN fact, in most cases, the burglar will just give up. They don’t want to be caught, and spending extra time breaking through window film makes the crime much more difficult, and not worth their time. Those precious moments are priceless. 

No Matter Shattered Glass 

Burglaries result in considerable property damage and sometimes injury. Shattered glass flies into the home during a burglary. The flying shards can hurt someone seriously and damage property. Because the window film adheres to the glass, the glass does not shatter. Not only does the shatterproof window protect you from criminals, you are also protected during hailstorms, windy weather, and even stray baseballs from the neighborhood children. Not having to worry about glass doing damage or injury gives you much-needed relief.  

Call Window Armour Today 

When you want to protect your home, call Window Armour. With over fifteen years of experience, Window Armour prides itself on providing homes with high-quality window film. A security system won’t protect you from opportunistic burglars or wind damage. With the rise in residential break-ins, you need the peace of mind you get when you install our security window film. Call us today. We will meet with you and give you an honest assessment of what you need to secure your home. Contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.  

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