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Protect yourself from dangerous break-ins. Window protection is important for homes and businesses. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. A criminal sees a vulnerable point of entry – a window or glass door – and quickly breaks the glass. As shards of sharp glass fly into your home, the criminal quickly runs away with your valuables. What can you do? Shatterproof window film is an affordable way to protect your windows from home invasions and burglaries. The extra security not only protects your family from flying glass, but it also provides a strong deterrent for any would-be thieves. 

Why Should I Buy Window Film? 

Security films provide a much-needed layer of protection for your home or business. Windows and glass doors provide an easy entry for criminals. Shatterproof window film is designed to withstand extreme conditions without breaking. In fact, thick security film will withstand hundreds of kilograms of pressure easily. This means that it won’t crack when struck with force. 

If a criminal does try to enter your home, they will have to apply extreme amounts of force to break your window. This buys your family precious moments to get to safety and call for help. Additionally, even if the glass breaks, it will not shatter. This means that your family is protected from lethal glass causing serious injury. Security films protect businesses from theft and vandalism. Learn how they work and what you should look out for when buying one.

Choosing the Right Security Film for My Windows

Security film is an adhesive sticker that’s applied to glass windows and doors. It’s designed to stop people from breaking into your property by shattering the window or door. There are two main types of security films: shatterproof and impact resistant. Shatterproof films are made of polycarbonate plastic and are used to protect windows and doors against breakage. Impact-resistant films are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and are used to protect glass surfaces such as shopfronts and storefronts. Ask our staff about which type works best for you. 

How Do I Maintain Security Film? 

Once installed, security films need to be maintained regularly. They will eventually wear down and become brittle. Ensure that your security film lasts a long time by investing in professional installation. Our Window Armour team will spend the extra time and effort needed so you have the safety you deserve. Professional installation can be done year-round and guarantees that your home is secure.

To keep the film in good condition, clean them regularly using a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface. Ask our experts about how to carefully maintain your window film.

Protection During Bad Weather

Our window film is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour. It’s also resistant to rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other weather hazards. This means that even when your windows are open, they will still offer protection against flying debris and broken glass. If you live in an area where there is a lot of wind, shatterproof window film can help prevent flying debris from breaking your windows. As the weather worsens globally and becomes more violent, having that extra protection can save you thousands of dollars in damage.

Security Film Reduces Your Energy Costs

High-quality window film also helps reduce energy costs because it reduces heat loss through your windows. This means less cooling costs and lower heating bills. In cold climates that experience extreme temperature drops, any type of savings will make a big difference. 

When you want to find the best security film in the GTA, contact Window Armour. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find what you need to protect your home. Contact us today.

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