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Keep your home safe in 2022 with the latest innovative security technologies. Security window film successfully makes windows harder to break and will hold shattered glass together. Keep both your family and your property safe. During severe weather events like destructive storms, hurricanes, and even earthquakes, the film provides additional security, preventing injury and damage. Discourage criminals from targeting your house or business. Find out more about the power of Window Armour film. 

How Strong is Security Window Film? 

The film easily adheres to your existing glass with incredible strength. The thicker the film the more protection for your home. Film that is between eight and fourteen millimeters thick can resist almost 200 kilograms. With multiple layers of laminating, the strong film will provide more protection against weather events and criminal activity. The film makes the glass less prone to shattering and protects significantly against break-ins. When your window is struck by an object, the shattered glass will stay in place, protecting your family and belongings.  

Most criminals want an easy mark. Any way that you make a break-in more difficult for criminals protects your home. Security film provides an effective affordable barrier that makes your home much more difficult to burgle. The film prevents intruders from using a vulnerable glass window as an entry point to do harm to your family and home. The extra time needed to break through the film gives you life-saving time to be alerted to the thief and contact the authorities.  

Prevent Harmful UV Rays 

Not only does the film protect your home and withstand burglary and harmful weather, prevents fading of your beautiful artwork and furnishings. Film protects against harmful ultraviolet rays, not only controlling temperature but providing extra protection for your belongings.  

A Long-lasting Solution 

When you want to protect your home, you need a security film that will provide years of safety. Our Window Armour film can last up to two decades. Our high-quality installation provides incredible protection in a variety of climates.  


Additionally, tinted window films can provide extra protection and privacy. Many criminals will figure out a mark by looking through street-facing windows. Provide extra privacy and security for your family with film.  

Contact Window Armour today to protect your home. We offer the best in customer service and the type of product guaranteed to keep your family safe for years to come. Contact us today. We will be happy to help you. 

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