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Crimes of opportunity cost business owners and homeowners thousands and thousands of dollars per year. Investing in a combination of security layers adds extra protection. Low window security film cost makes it one of the most popular options today. The thin film makes windows shatterproof, reducing the chances of a home invasion or burglary substantially. 

The Benefits of Thick Security Film

As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the window film, the more protection your home or business has against break-ins. Why? The security film provides substantial support to the glass. In some cases, the window can withstand a couple of hundreds of kilograms of force before giving way. All types of window film offer protection. The window security film cost differs depending on the thickness of the glass and how much area needs to be covered. No matter what type of security film you opt for, always have the window film professionally installed to ensure the maximum amount of security and protection. There are several types of security film sizes and types. 

Standard 3-MIL Window Film

Many homeowners choose the standard 3m window film for their homes. This thickness is often ideal in areas that are not prone to high crime and gives added protection in an attractive way. It is ideal for covering glass doors and windows for homes or businesses. The window film will not shatter when struck. This means that even if someone does break your glass or debris during a dangerous storm breaks the window, you do not need to worry about shards of glass damaging property or causing serious injury. Most window film also prevents UV damage and provides some energy savings over time.

High-End Security Film (8-12 MIL)

Thicker security film laminates withstand considerable force. If your business or home is in a high-crime area, you might want to ask about the high-end options to withstand extreme force. Another key factor to consider – do you live near a busy highway or construction? Believe it or not, car accidents and random construction accidents can leave your windows shattered and your business exposed more often than you would think. Homes at busy intersections also benefit from the thicker glass film. 

At Window Armour, our glass film has layers of top-grade polyester laminate that ensures your windows stay intact during any high impact. Our proprietary transparent adhesive professionally installed provides your best defence against break-ins. Protect your Toronto shop or home. This high-end film protects buildings against: 

  • Strong hurricane force winds and earthquakes
  • Accidental Impacts
  • Break-Ins
  • Explosions and blasts
  • Traffic collisions

Our strongest 12MIL security film provides the most protection. Don’t worry about weather disasters or crime leaving your property, family, or customers vulnerable. With our proprietary film, you can rest at ease knowing that you have the best window film protection. 

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