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Security film effectively prevents burglary and theft from businesses. Because the security window film prevents windows from shattering, would-be intruders are harder to get into a business. The best security window film has various incredible benefits, including protecting your home from home invasions and flying debris. 

The Many Benefits of Security Film

With thicker layers than standard glass tinting films, these specialty films provide extra insulation to improve energy efficiency within buildings by blocking out infrared radiation while allowing visible light through. The best security window film ultimately reduces cooling costs during hot summer days. 

Security window films help protect against UV rays, reducing glare and heat while not sacrificing visibility or natural light. This means businesses can enjoy natural light’s benefits without worrying about excessive heat and fading colours in rugs, curtains, and furniture.

Safety and Security for Your Business 

Security window film also serve as a safety feature, reinforcing glass. It’s more resistant to breakage due to impacts such as human force or flying debris during storms. In case of accidents or disasters, security window films also help keep shards of broken glass within the pane itself instead of scattering everywhere. Prevent dangerous injuries to employees and customers. 

Upgrading windows with security film is cost-effective for businesses seeking additional protection. Don’t invest a lot of money in double-paned windows or steel shutters/bars. Those can be expensive, especially when covering multiple panes of glass on large buildings/structures. Instead, invest in high-quality security window film for your business.

Unlike tinted glass, which allows people outside of a building/facility to observe what’s going on inside – utilizing a clear security window film will provide added privacy. Making it difficult (or impossible) for onlookers peering through the windows deter would-be criminals from targeting your business.

Professional Security Film Installation

To ensure that your window film protects your business for a long period of time, invest in professional installation. Why? Our team at Window Armour has years of experience helping business owners protect their property. We take that extra time and attention to detail to ensure the window film is properly installed. And window film, once installed, doesn’t require much maintenance. Regular cleaning will help the film protect your business for a long time. Ask us about our impressive collection of high-quality film. We have the products you need for your business. 

When you want the best window film in Toronto, call the experts at Window Armour. Our experienced staff will be happy to help solve your security needs. Contact us today for your initial consultation and a quote. We would love to hear from you.

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