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Protect your family for decades with high-quality window security film. The key to long-lasting window film is having experienced professionals in charge of installing your security window film. Thick window film prevents criminals from breaking into your home. Don’t worry about crimes of opportunity ever again. The thick film will prevent the glass from shattering for decades. You need that extra layer of protection for your family, home or business. How long does window film typically last? 

Professional Window Film Installation

Will your window film last? The key to long-lasting and effective window film installation boils down to two factors: the materials used and the professionals installing the security window film. Assuming your window is in good shape, your window film should last upwards of twenty years. Yes, twenty years! That means that once you install your security film once, you shouldn’t have to worry about it for a long, long time. 

Always make sure that you choose a company you trust to provide you with high-quality materials. Often home improvement stores offer cheaper options. However, the cheap materials will not only fail to protect your windows from shattering, you will need to replace them in a few years. The key is a professionally installed product manufactured from the best materials. 

Finally, a professional installer will know exactly what type of window film meets your needs and budget. They will choose the best quality film for much longer use and performance. Enjoy a very high return on the initial investment. 

Maintaining Your Windows

After window film installation, regular maintenance will ensure that you have years and years of protection. If you improperly clean your windows, you may accidentally damage and degrade the film. While cleaning the windows will not be difficult, do avoid using harsh ammonia-based cleaners or alcohol. Avoid anything abrasive. Instead, opt for regular glass cleaner (but not Windex) and wipe gently with a microfiber towel. Mild dish soap will also clean your window films safely. Speak with your professional installer about how to best maintain your security film. Prevent unwanted damage. 

Local Climate

Another factor to consider when installing window film is the climate. Window Armour provides a high-quality proprietary transparent adhesive meant to last through any climate conditions. The top-grade polyester laminate can withstand heavy impact, harsh weather, and more. The scratch-resistance coating complies with the ISO 9001 standards. We believe in installing the strongest film for maximum protection. Our window film withstands dangerous storms, flying debris, and hail. When there is inclement weather, you can rest assured that our window film will keep your family safe. Never worry about a stray rock or hail smashing through your windows. We have you covered. Trust Window Armour with your security needs.

When you need to protect your family and property, don’t hesitate to call Window Armour. Our professional team has installed window film on hundreds of windows and doors. We provide the best security solution for every business or home. Contact us today. Speak with our experts about the best window film option for you. Call us today.

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