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A home invasion is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. To protect your home you need the best security window film. When combined with traditional security systems, window film provides that much-needed extra layer of security that you need to protect your property and family. Security window film makes every window or glass door shatterproof, giving you and your family that precious extra time to get to safety. And during inclement weather, window film can protect your home from significant damage from high winds and flying debris.

How Security Film Makes Your Home Burglar Proof

Your windows provide burglars with the easiest method of illegal entry into your home. Older windows especially have weak frames and can be easily smashed open. We know that you want to keep your family safe from burglars and dangerous home invasions. With crime rates rising, finding affordable ways to protect your property can give you the peace of mind you need. Security film adheres to your glass window with a proprietary adhesive. Our thickest film makes shattering your window nearly impossible. In fact, someone would have to apply 400 pounds of pressure on your window to break it! 

Burglary is almost always a crime of opportunity. A large window with an old frame or a window hidden out of sight provides a unique opportunity for a burglar to break in. However, because security film prevents a criminal from breaking in, it deters them from committing a crime. A burglar doesn’t want to be caught trying to break open a window that will not shatter. Meanwhile, your family has extra time to call authorities for help and move to safety. 

Protection Against Violent Weather

We all see the news. Storms and high winds have become the norm, even hurricanes have begun to hit the coasts this far north. What to do? Applying thick window film protects your home from flying debris, accidents, and branches. When a dangerous hailstorm occurs you don’t need to worry about hail breaking through your window. If branches and rocks have been whipped up by harrowing winds, you don’t have to worry about dangerous shards injuring your family and causing property damage. When you install window security film, you install peace of mind and the protection you need. 

Other Considerations

Families today have very tight budgets. And even the most advanced expensive security system doesn’t prevent a burglar from successfully breaking open your windows and stealing your valuables. Window film provides a very inexpensive and quick solution. In addition, the film can provide protection from ultraviolet rays, reducing energy usage and increasing overall comfort in the home or business. UV protection also limits expensive damage to art and property. 

Don’t hesitate. Call Window Armour today. We have helped hundreds of customers protect their families and homes with our exclusive high-quality film. We promise quick and efficient installation. You don’t need to wait to protect your family. Contact us today.

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