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Protect your family from crime. Most crimes are opportunistic crimes. A burglar sees a weak entry point, like your windows or an old door. They take advantage of the opportunity and break into your home quickly. In that small bit of time, irreparable damage is done. They might steal jewelry, electronics, or cash. Worse, they might cause physical harm or massive vandalism. How can you protect your home without it looking like a fortress? How to secure windows without ugly bars? Can you protect your home from criminals and still make it your restful sanctuary?

The Truth About Windows and Crime

What is the most vulnerable point of entry into your home? Your windows. Whether you have spacious sliding glass doors with a view of the lake or smaller street-facing windows, your windows tempt criminals to break into your home. But you don’t want to make your home a prison with high fences, vicious pit bulls, and foreboding iron bars. But how to secure your windows without bars or expensive alarm systems?  

Crime-Proof Your Windows

Many thieves break into your home through your windows. While second-floor windows are usually too difficult, first-floor windows and large sliding glass doors provide perfect opportunities for burglary. They often use a hard object, like a crowbar, to break the glass of a window. Once the glass breaks, they gain entry into your home. Then they steal, vandalize, or attack your family. Since the pandemic started, crime has risen considerably in many urban areas. Crimes of opportunity can traumatize your family and cost you financially. How can you prevent break-ins? 

Crime-proof your windows with high-quality thick window security film. The film provides an additional layer of much-needed protection. The film clings to the glass, fortifying it. Most window film withstands up to 400 pounds of pressure. The glass is shatterproof! Eliminate burglary. Even when the glass breaks, the window stays intact. Shards of glass cause incredible physical harm. Never worry about that again with security film.

Unlike costly alarm systems, security window film is an affordable and effective layer of protection for your home. Installation is quick and easy. While cast iron bars leave your house looking like a prison, window film provides an almost invisible layer of security. 

Buy Precious Time

When a burglar wastes time breaking into a home with security film, you have precious time to escape and call authorities. Your family deserves those extra moments to get to safety. Window film gives you that time. Criminals depend on convenient targets. When they can’t break the window or glass door, they will move on to a softer target. The best crime prevention is the one that stops the crime from happening in the first place. 

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