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You may wonder how to protect your family in 2022. From inclement weather damage to violent crime, you want a safe and secure home. Security is priceless. What are some affordable ways to make your home much more secure? Besides a home alarm system, consider the strength and reliability of security windows. 

Avoid Break-Ins and Home Invasions 

Break-ins remain a common security concern. Homeowners lose millions of dollars each year due to costly theft. Even minor theft can leave your family feeling scared and unsafe in your own home! A security window with our high-quality film will prevent any thieve from smashing your window. What does this mean?  

Our security film provides an extra layer of protection in your home. While an alarm may alert you to an intruder, the security film will prevent the thief from breaking in at all. Reduce crimes of opportunity like home invasion. The film will not shatter, even under excessive force.  

Because the criminal cannot break your window, you have precious extra minutes to go to safety and alert authorities. Know that your family is safe.  

Accidents and Window Damage 

We all know that accidents often occur in your neighbourhood. Sometimes kids playing ball can shatter a window. If you live near a busy intersection or construction site, you may experience the danger of debris or car accidents near your home. Even freak accidents like a tree branch falling can cause damage and injury. Our Window Armour film will prevent your windows from shattering. Don’t worry about shards of sharp glass causing damage to your family and property. Even when struck at high velocity, the film continues to protect. 

High Winds and Weather 

Depending on your climate, you may often experience hail, high winds, and dangerous weather. During these times anything from tree branches to unsecured furniture to roof tiles can become dangerous objects. What can you do? Installing a professional film will help protect your home during these types of weather conditions. Don’t worry about large hail or a flying rock smashing your window.  

Call the Window Armour professionals today. We promise to help you find the perfect security solutions for your home. We value you and your family. For years we have provided the community with high-quality products that provide strength and safety. Call us today. We will be happy to help you. 

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