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How does security film protect your home? Do you want to ward off criminals and prevent vandalism? The security film for windows cost is well worth the extra protection you receive for your home. Prevent anything from smash-and-grab crimes to damage from dangerous weather. What are some of the ways that security film mitigates vandalism and damage? 

Anti-Smash Windows 

The biggest protection comes from preventing windows from shattering. Think about criminals casing your home. They can’t quickly smash your windows and vandalize your home when you have protective window film. While security film for windows cost less than a home security system, you gain extra protection that a simple alarm can’t provide:  

  • Windows will not shatter during a break-in 
  • Gain precious moments during a crime to call for help or get your family to safety 
  • During high winds, glass will not harm your family or belongings when struck by an object 
  • Protect your home during cataclysmic weather events or accidents 

Easily fortify your windows and doors with protective film. Provide extra resistance when intruders attempt a break-in or forced illegal entry. Survey your home for weak points and add extra protection. Believe it or not window break-ins are the most likely scenario for dangerous home invasions this past year. Your family deserves extra security and protection.  

Trust Window Armour 

High-quality professional installation will provide the added security you need. Our installers at Window Armour are professionals, providing the best security films for doors and windows in the region for over fifteen years. You want a company that has experience, that can look at your home’s weakest entry points and identify key areas that need security film.  

Strong High-Quality Security Film  

We pride ourselves on only the strongest film in the industry. An industry leader in safety and security, Window Armour provides that absolutely necessary layer of security you need. Help your home withstand severe force, home break-ins, and unforeseen accidents. Keep your family safe.  

We Care About Your Family 

At Window Armour we encounter many young families concerned about window safety for their children. We realize that having gorgeous large windows provides a possible danger for small children. Minimize accidents considerably with a protective window film. Our special film is the only one in Toronto that will protect your family from injuries of flying glass. This means that a ball hitting your window or a young child running full force into a window will not result in an unfortunate catastrophe.  

Call Window Armour today. We will help you find the perfect products to bring safety and security to your family. 

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