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Did you know your windows provide the most vulnerable entry point to your home? Windows make your house susceptible to home invasions and break-ins. Some solutions like tempered glass provide some security. However, even tempered glass can break during a burglary. This is why added security film is necessary. At Window Armour we provide the best window security film installation in the area, for all types of windows. 

Tempered glass provides more protection than regular glass. The glass has a special heat treatment, making it over four times stronger. Typically, when broken, regular glass shatters into large breaks that cause massive harm. Tempered glass can break causing damage to property or hurting someone. Security film provides that extra layer of real protection. Having the best window security film installed will give you the best protection for your family. 

Benefits of Security Window Film 

In some cases, the tempered glass may break into dice-like cubes. If a thief strikes the window with a crowbar, for example, the glass will fly inside the home. Anyone in the way may face serious injury. Property may be damaged. However, our window film prevents the glass from shattering into small pieces. In fact, window film offers a superior security solution for your home. Enjoy enhanced security that protects your family and property.  

Because tempered glass covered in window film requires excessive force to break, criminals find that they won’t be able to easily smash your window and enter your home. In fact, the amount of force needed provides a much-needed deterrent for any would-be home invaders. The tear-resistant material prevents easy breakage during an attempted break-in. This resistance buys you extra time during a break-in to go to safety and call authorities. Those extra minutes can save the life of someone you love.  

Protection from Accidental Breaks and Volatile Weather 

Besides maximizing your safety from crime, window film provides added security when faced with dangerous inclement weather or accidents. If your home or business is on a street corner or near a construction site, your property may be susceptible to accidental breaks from debris or car accidents. Window film provides extra protection.  

With so many high winds, hail, and storms, having shatterproof glass can prepare you for the unexpected. Imagine a large branch flying towards your front windows or massive hail during a snowstorm. Protect your home from dangerous weather conditions. You can rest assured that you have the best protection from accidents and bad weather. Our security window film is the clear choice for optimizing safety.  

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