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Did you know that every 90 seconds a burglar breaks into a home? With the recent surge in home invasions in Toronto this past summer, many people are wondering if they should be concerned about their safety. While these crimes don’t happen every day, they do happen. If you live in an area where home invasions are common, you should take precautions to protect yourself and your family like installing an alarm system, replacing old locks, and layering security with high-quality security window films for your home.

Toronto Tops 5,000 Break-Ins

Some experts believe that home invasions are becoming increasingly common because criminals are targeting homes with vulnerable residents. For this reason, finding ways to protect your loved ones, especially when they are home alone, is key. Some ways to do this include adding smart security cameras, ensuring that all doors and windows are locked, and professionally installing privacy security window films for the homes. These films prevent opportunistic criminals from staking out your home easily. 

What You Didn’t Know About Toronto Crime

  1. In 2021 Toronto Police Service Reported 5,768 Break-Ins
  2. Almost half of all break-ins are in residential homes
  3. This past summer saw a significant rise in home burglary
  4. Nearly 5 million Canadian residents will experience a home invasion
  5. Breaking and entering is the top crime in Canada
  6. The rate of break-ins in 2021 was 328 per 100,000
  7. Most criminals (81%) enter through the first floor 
  8. Gun violence is on the rise in Toronto leading to armed home invasions

You Can’t Protect Yourself From All Threats

If you live alone, you might not think much about home invasions. After all, who would break into your house? Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why someone might try to enter your home. Criminals will often use force when breaking into a home. They might also threaten or harm you or your family members. In addition, burglars might steal items from your home. 

High-Quality Window Film Greatly Reduces Home Invasions

Your security system should be layered with high-quality window film. Why? While an alarm system can malfunction, or even be circumvented altogether by tech-savvy professionals, window film will always protect your home. 

Our products have sturdy layers of the highest quality polyester. Together the bond is so strong that it would take almost 200 kilograms of force to break our strongest film. A potential home invader with a sharp instrument may attempt to break your window. However, they will find the feat extremely difficult. 

Even if they do manage to succeed, the glass will not fly into your home, scattering thousands of dangerous shards into your living room. Instead, the window will stay largely intact, even if it succumbs to extremely heavy impacts. 

The Window Armour Difference

What makes Window Armour protective security film different is our extremely high standards. We adhere to the ISO 9001 standards, meaning that we have the best product on the market. Your family will be protected when you use Window Armour. 

Some experts estimate that just having security window film installed in your home reduces the chances of a break-in by over fifty percent. We want to make leaving your home empty-handed easier than burglarizing your home. Unlike an alarm system which triggers after the crime has been committed, we are all about preventing the crime in the first place. 

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When you want to protect your family from home invasions and burglary, trust the team at Window Armour. Our trained professionals will quickly install high-quality window film on your windows and glass doors. And even better – security film provides an effective and affordable solution for every budget. Contact us today.

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