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Protecting your home from break-ins has never been easier. Window film is an effective way to keep burglars out of your home. Installing window film is both easy and affordable. Easily provide your home with incredible protection against burglaries, window film privacy, and extra energy efficiency. Here are six reasons why you need to install window security film. 

1 Protect Against Burglaries

Security window film is designed to protect your home or business from dangerous break-ins and burglaries. Burglars often use tools to pry open windows and doors, and they smash them if necessary. Window films offer a layer of protection between the glass and any potential intruder. Additional window film privacy prevents would-be criminals from seeing into your home. 

2 Blocks Out Harmful UV Rays

Security window film works by blocking out harmful UV rays, reducing glare, and preventing outside light from entering your home or office. When installed correctly by a professional window film installation team, security window film protects your property and your family. 

3 Choose the Level of Privacy You Want

With security film, you have several distinct options. Clear security window film is ideal for homes where privacy is not a concern. Dark gray security window film is great for businesses that want to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into their offices. Black security window film is best for those who want to prevent anyone from seeing inside their home or office.

4 Safe Security for Pets and Kids

Security window film provides extra protection for children and pets. If your child runs headlong into a glass sliding door, you don’t have to worry about the window shattering and seriously injuring your child. Instead, the glass will not break. Kids are prone to accidents. Protect them with quality window film. 

5 Protect Your Home During Dangerous Storms

We all have heard of crazy storms leaving behind costly damage. It only takes a stray tree branch or large hail to shatter your window or sliding door. Window film will prevent serious damage from flying debris during a storm. Enjoy the extra safety and security you need. 

6 Save On Energy Costs

Did you know that you can save on heating costs with our security film? Our film provides an extra layer of insulation, ensuring that your family enjoys a comfortable temperature indoors. Save on costly heating bills this winter. Enjoy lower cooling costs during the scorching summers, too. 

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