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3m security film

Protect your family with Window Armour Security Window Film. We offer a wide array of exclusive safety products that will keep you and your family safe. Protect your property with a variety of options like 3m security film, our propriety transparent adhesive, Avery Dennison Safetyzone safety and security window films, and so much more. Enjoy the significant advantages of security films.  

1 High-Quality Polyester Prevent Shattering 

The main reason you want to use security film? Prevent shattering. Home invaders often look to windows to find vulnerable points of entry. They may use a crowbar to shatter the glass. Our films (like the 3m security film) provide an essential layer of protection. Some of our thickest films will not fall apart, even under extreme impact. This strength ensures that you and your family will have the time they need to escape and call authorities during a break-in.  

2 Powerful Adhesive Adds Extreme Strength 

When you want to make your windows impenetrable, have Window Armour install our proprietary transparent adhesive. Our adhesive greatly increases the overall strength and durability of your windows. The adhesive causes a strong bond between the film and the glass. This is seriously powerful. Additionally, enjoy maximum visibility with all the protection you need from burglary and dangerous storms.  

3 Enjoy Beautiful Windows  

Did you know that our window film lengthens the lifespan of your windows? The extra scratch-resistant coating protects the glass from damage and scratches over time. The reinforced film allows you to get more life out of any window. Save money long-term with limited window replacement. Ask us about our many film options.  

4 Enjoy Maximum Visibility with Window Film 

Properties in susceptible areas might benefit from metal shutters or iron bars, but these options are very unattractive and may lower property value. Additionally, they make a home feel more like a prison. Window film offers your family and customers the protection they need without the ugliness.  

5 High-Quality Film Installation Provides the BEST Security Solution 

Our products comply with international standards for glass safety. We pride ourselves on our high-quality materials and professional installation. We follow BS, EN, ANSI, CPSC, and AS/NZS standards. Call us today to talk about what you need for your residential or commercial property. Our experts will ensure that you have the right product that meets your needs.  

When you want the best security solution, call Window Armour. Our team of experts will help you find the most secure affordable options. We promise to always deliver excellent customer service, handiwork, and products. We have helped clients for years create a more secure environment.  

Call or email Window Armour Today. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. Set up your initial consultation. We will visit your home or business and provide a detailed quote. Window Armour is a company you can trust. Call us today. 

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