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How can you secure your home affordably? Believe it or not one of the best ways to protect your home is using residential security film for your windows. Why? Your windows are the easiest point of entry into your home. This makes them vulnerable to crimes of opportunity like break-ins and home invasions. Additionally, windows break easily during inclement weather, causing dangerous shards to fly into your home. Protect your family, and protect your property, with security window films.  

1 Reduce Crimes of Opportunity with Window Film 

Professionally installed security film protects your home from burglary. How? The thick film prevents the glass from shattering easily. When a burglar tries to break the window, he must use more than two hundred kilograms of force to break it because of the film. Buy you and your family extra time with residential security film. Call authorities and run to safety. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Any criminal will quickly learn that your windows will not break easily and most likely will move on to a much softer target.  

2 Protect Your Property During Violent Storms 

At Window Armour, we pride ourselves on providing the best window security film in the industry. Protect your property from flying debris and hail during inclement weather. With the weather only getting more dangerous over the next several years, do everything you can to protect your home and your family. Don’t worry about your windows shattering into pieces during a storm. The thick film prevents the window from shattering. It keeps the window intact, stopping dangerous large pieces from flying into your home at high speeds. Those shards can damage property and cause serious injury. Protect your home. Give yourself peace of mind.  

3 Protecting Your Home is Affordable 

You don’t need to break the bank to protect your home. Window Security Film provides a very affordable way to add an extra necessary layer of protection. When you protect your windows with our high-quality film, you will keep your family safe. At Window Armour, we work within every budget. We believe every family deserves the best protection. Call us today to find out what options work best for your home.  

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When you need to protect your home from home invasions, burglaries, and inclement weather, call the team at Window Armour. We have an incredible team of seasoned experts ready to help you find the solutions you need. We work with both residential and commercial clients. We will work with you to find a price point that will protect your family and property.  

Explore our extensive collection of high-quality products. Our installers pay meticulous detail and only give the best handiwork. We offer:  

  • Security Window Films 
  • Security Film for Glass Doors 
  • Safety Window Film 
  • Privacy Security Window Films 
  • Avery Dennison Safetyzone Safety Products 
  • Full Installation 
  • And much more 

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