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You want to protect your family. With so many options available from deadbolts and solid doors to security window film, how can you best protect your family? Protecting your home involves several layers of protection. For example, installing security window film and adding smart lighting combined keeps your family safe. Find which options work best for your lifestyle. Each house is a little different. Follow our professional home security tips to find the best ways to protect your home this year. 

1 Install Security Film for Windows

Your windows remain the most vulnerable point of entry into your home. Protecting your windows with high-quality security window film will discourage burglars from breaking into your home. One of our security tips is installing window film on any first-floor windows, especially those facing the street. Unlike ugly iron bars, security window film provides an attractive option that withstands up to 400 pounds of force. 

2 Install Smart Security Lighting

This might seem simple, but having motion-sensor lighting outside your home discourages crime. Prevent crimes of opportunity by lighting any area that faces the street or provides cover for a burglar. With smart lighting options today, you can control lighting around your home. Schedule lighting when you travel or at night to protect your family. 

3 Consider a Dog

Man’s best friend provides some of the best home security. How? When a burglar approaches your home, the dog wakes up the entire household now with loud, and annoying, barking. If your family loves pets, buying a dog provides excellent home security. 

4 Install Security Film for Large Glass Doors

Spacious glass doors give you a gorgeous view of nature and the outdoors. However, large glass doors tempt criminals to break into your home. You don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for safety. Thankfully you don’t have to when you install security film. Window film fortifies your glass doors while giving you the beautiful views you love. Ask about additional UV protection, as well. 

5 Keep Bushes Low

Look at your home. Do any bushes provide easy climbing for a burglar? Be sure to trim bushes low in any vulnerable entry spots for your home. While this might seem simple, this simple action adds another layer of safety to your house. 

6 Install an Alarm System

Most homeowners consider an alarm system a perfect way to protect their property. An alarm system does provide an excellent layer of protection. However, realize that even with an alarm, many burglars will not pass up crimes of opportunity. In many cases, authorities don’t arrive on the scene for fifteen minutes or more. At that time a criminal could do irreparable damage or physical harm. Combining a traditional alarm system with security window film can add that extra layer that is necessary to protect your family. 

7 Repair Broken Gates, Windows, Fences, and Doors

Sometimes a quick survey of your property reveals many vulnerable entry points. Depending on the crime rates in your neighbourhood you may need to install security gates, repair weak fencing, and replace older doors. 

8 Be Smart When You Travel

In 2022 everyone brags about vacation on social media. However, many thieves find social media a treasure trove of targets. When you travel, avoid announcing your departure. Save sharing photos for when you return home. Have a neighbour pick up your mail and keep an eye on your home for unusual activity. A few simple steps will protect your home when you are on vacation. 

Window Armour prides itself on installing the best window security film in the GTA. With decades of experience, we promise to protect your family and your house. Contact us today to set up your consultation. 

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